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Culinary Espionage à la Diamond Jim

Nicholas Marguery (1834–1910) was a culinary legend. His restaurant, Au Petit Marguery, was one of the most popular in Paris during the nineteenth century, the great and the good of French society regularly filling his dining room. In fact they still do, enjoying surroundings that have hardly changed since the famous chef was there, creating dish after dish in his busy kitchens, almost 150 years ago.

Nicholas Marguery’s cooking, particularly his sole Marguery – sole served in a sauce of white wine and fish stock blended with egg yolks and butter (see also sole Véronique) – was renowned throughout Europe and America. French cuisine was the world leader and its chefs jealously guarded the recipes of their signature dishes. Sole Marguery was one such dish and the story of how it emigrated from France to America is an intriguing one, full of subterfuge, audacity and a level of commitment that is hard to imagine.

As the immigrants who introduced the hamburger and the hot dog to New York settled throughout America, so the economy expanded, mainly through the growing railway network. Jim Brady (1856–1917), a salesman for the Manning, Maxwell and Moore Railroad Company, was part of this. And he was highly successful: the sums that he made selling railway tracks throughout America and across the world were so immense that he began to invest in diamonds and other precious stones, earning himself the nickname Diamond Jim.

A larger-than-life character, Brady also had a prodigious appetite. He was rumoured to consume a gallon of orange juice, steak, potatoes, bread, flapjacks, muffins, eggs and pork chops – just for breakfast. A mid-morning snack might be three dozen oysters and clams, followed by lunch of another three dozen oysters, three stuffed crabs, four lobsters, a joint of beef and a salad. During the afternoon, Jim would down six sodas and a seafood snack before taking a nap, and then came dinner: thirty-six oysters, six lobsters, two bowls of green turtle soup, steak, vegetables and a pastry platter. But it didn’t end there: after a customary trip to the theatre, where he would eat two pounds of glacé fruits, Jim then rounded off his day with a supper of half a dozen game birds and a couple of large beers.

And this was Diamond Jim’s intake every single day. His friend the restaurateur Charles Rector, owner of Rector’s Restaurant on Broadway, New York, would import several barrels of extra-large oysters from Baltimore every day, just for Jim. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that Charles once described the railway magnate as ‘the best twenty-five customers I have ever had’.

One afternoon, during a marathon eating session with friends, Diamond Jim began telling the group about the exquisite sole Marguery he had been served at Au Petit Marguery during a recent business trip to Paris. Unable to explain the recipe to Rector, he teased his friend that he might have to find another restaurant where he could eat sole Marguery. Rector on the spot resolved to be the first restaurant in New York to serve the dish and set about obtaining the recipe, by fair means or foul. So he summoned his son, George, from Cornell University and sent him to Paris to obtain the recipe.

The young man arrived in Paris fully aware he could not walk into the restaurant as a complete unknown and ask for it, so he applied for a job as dish washer to see what he could learn from the kitchen staff. It soon became obvious that he would discover nothing from the chefs, who carefully guarded their recipes from all the menials in the kitchen, so George applied for a job as an apprentice chef.

It took him over two years of hard work to become senior enough to have the recipe for the legendary Marguery sauce explained to him, and as soon as it was he resigned, catching the boat back to New York. It is said that both his father and Diamond Jim Brady were waiting for him at the dockside as the ship drew in, with George shouting to them from the deck: ‘I got it!’ The young chef was sent straight into the kitchen to prepare sole Marguery and, as legend has it, when Diamond Jim tasted the dish he declared: ‘If you poured this sauce over a Turkish towel, I believe I could eat all of it!’ And that, dear reader, is why the land of the free has a French-inspired dish going by the name of sole Marguery à la Diamond Jim.

Jim Brady died in his sleep in 1910 and only then did doctors discover he had an unusually large stomach, almost six times the size of a normal man’s. George Rector went on to take over his father’s restaurant business. He also wrote cookbooks and cookery columns for the newspapers, as well as hosting a radio show called Dine with George Rector. He is said to have literally dined out on the story of how he had claimed Marguery sauce for America for the rest of his life.

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