About Albert

Albert Jack is an English writer and historian who became something  of a publishing phenomenon in 2004 when his first book Red Herrings  and White Elephants, which  explored the origins of well-known phrases  in the English language, became a huge international bestseller. The book was serialised by the Sunday Times for over a year and stayed in the top ten of the UK Sunday Times bestseller list for sixteen  months.

His follow up book Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep was also a best seller  and has sold over 150,000 copies since publication in October 2005.  It became Penguin Book’s Christmas bestseller. His hilarious third book, a study of Urban Legends called Phantom Hitchhikers is also  a bestseller and was released in paperback in September 2007. In the  same month Red Herrings and White Elephants was re-released for the first time in paperback and Albert has provided 30% more content for  a revised and expanded version that  hit the best-seller list once again.


Fascinated by discovering the truth behind the world’s great stories, Albert has become an expert in explaining the unexplained, which is great news for conversations and storytellers everywhere. He is now a veteran of hundreds of live television shows and thousands of radio  appearances worldwide. His books have become bestsellers in Great Britain and Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and translated into many different languages.  A complete list of all Albert’s books can be found on this website.

This year (2015) Albert has now turned his attention from world history to invention and innovation. From the wireless to the computer, and from hula hoops to interplanetary travel, inventions and discoveries have changed our lifestyles in ways that would have astounded our ancestors. Each of them was originally developed by visionaries who dreamt of the seemingly impossible, but who were opposed by an array of experts publicly declaring that ‘It cannot be done.’

Well, yes it could, and They Laughed at Galileo is the story of how those dreamers overcame the odds against them.

Albert Jack’s Other Books – US  & UK

 They Laughed at Galileo is released on May 7th, 2015  US Here  &  UK Here

Albert Jack books available for download here

5 thoughts on “About Albert

  1. Hello Mr Jack,
    Your article, Santa Claus is the Real Thing, beautifully summarized the multitude of stories of we researched on the life of Father Christmas. Which brings me to my query, my husband and I have created a family of many cultural backgrounds, all of whom had their own tales of Father Christmas also know as Santa Clause. As non could answer my questions as to how he came into his magic, I decided to give him a backstory. Fictionalized yet based on the history of the Bishop of Myrna. If you would be so kind, please check out http://www.nicholasbooks.com After visiting the site, please decide if you would be willing to review How Nicholas Became Santa Clause and give me your full and honest opinion. I will provide you with your choice of format ie. PDF or in hand book at no cost to you. Post publication we found a few typographical and grammatical errors which will be re-teched in the coming year.
    I would be glad to return favor to you with a review of one of your books or articles. I can be reached by email at sandra_troupe@yahoo.com
    Yours in Literature
    Sandra Jo Troupe

  2. Great in your country you can write your story–but as a Black KY female author-even Jack Glazier has written how my writing about my “Whitlock” Family in America and their obtaining their education in 1842 at U o f L medical school-pre-Civil War Days and him owning my Great-great Grandmother and their having a bi-racial son will not change history. The Internet tells how the “Whitlocks” date back to 712 A.D. in England. Congratulations on your success–Kentuckians are trying to keep my story in the closet of love, education, history, success, medical, nursing, legal success.

  3. Hi Albert. I knew you in another life! Well done on the writing. My father left me a lot of naval sayings that he used to collect. Originally he would give some to Eric Partridge. They may be of some interest

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