Quick Thinking Exam Cheats (Urban Legends)

A student is struggling to complete a difficult final exam paper and continued to write for a full six minutes after the examiner called time on the assessment. After all the other students had handed their papers in the professor in charge notices the final pupil, picks up all the other papers and begins to leave. At that point the student rushed up to hand his question paper in only for the examiner to explain the exam would not be accepted and that it would have to be re-sat in six-months time.

The distraught pupil tried to reason with the professor, but to no avail. As a last resort the student loftily inquired, ‘But Sir, don’t you know who I am?’ although, in this case was relieved to be told, ‘I have no idea at all, now would you please leave’. At which point the student knocked all the papers out of the examiners hand, buried his own among them and ran out, never to return. Well, there was no need to, rumour has it he received an A.

There are other examples of such audacity, which we obviously recommend you try, at your own risk. On the East Coast of America a story is told of one student who, on arriving for his final exam, asked the examiner for two notebooks. Two hours later he handed one in which had written on the first page ‘Dear Mum, I have just finished my final paper of the term and I am just writing to say I think it went really well’. The rest of the notebook was completely blank.

He then hurried home and with the help of his textbooks, class notes and the internet completed the exam and promptly posted the book to his mother on the West Coast. His unsuspecting mother quickly posted the book back to his university professor with a letter explaining the obvious mix up and the examiners took pity on him, marked the paper and he too received an A.

But scams like this do not always work as four medical students found to their cost when they headed off to the lakes for a weekend of fishing, prior to their Monday exam. Having spent their last night in a nearby casino, drinking and gambling, all four overslept and missed the assessment, which was due to make up part of their overall result. On the way back the lads made up a story and explained to their professor that the reason for their absence was a punctured tyre, miles from the nearest town, which meant a three-hour walk in the rain to call for help.

The examiner took pity on the lads and invited them back in the following day to sit the paper in a specially convened examination. On arriving all four were placed in separate rooms and given a two part paper, the first, they were told would make up 20% of their mark and would take three hours. Once completed they were then given a second paper, to form the remaining 80% of the overall mark, which had only one question to answer. That was ‘Which tyre was flat’?

Extract from The President’s Brain is Missing

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