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If you have read anything recently about the World Banking System, corrupt US Federal Reserve, The New World Order, where your pension has gone, the tattered Western economies and why you should be worried about the future, although can’t be bothered to read about it properly, then take a look at this and ask yourself. Where has all the money gone?

It has to be somewhere, but where..? China hasn’t got it, nor Russia (although the cash they have hidden down the back of their sofas do more than cover their debt). Emerging economies such as India and Brazil don’t have it either. If this many people, because if you live in any of these countries it means you and me (Government Debt is you and me), owe this much money then whose accounts are in credit by a matching amount? How can Germany bail out Greece when the German people themselves are in so much debt. How can Britain be lending your money when you owe over a trillion pounds yourself.

If you are £1000 overdrawn then how can you lend your mate £500. Your Government does it every day. And America..? 17 Trillion..? Why are you fighting wars all over the world when you are bankrupt?  And take a look at the interest everyone, all of us, are paying… Paying it to who? I think we know don’t we. Go and see the yachts in Cape Town Harbor, or Monaco, or any harbor, or consider the wages of your average footballer and you can see there is still plenty of money around, somewhere.

The World owes…. take a deep breath – (By the way, a thousand million is a BILLION and a million million is a Trillion)

I have written to the President in an attempt to resolve some of these issues –

If you want a picture of the future, of where this may all be leading us, then you might find it here and you can leave your comments too.

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(Please note: these figures do not include the sum of individual household debt which is estimated to be at least the same again – this is only your Government’s debt)

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A Letter to The President (cc Cameron and Merkel)

Dear Mr President, (or can I call you Barry, now that we are about to become friends?) I hope this finds you well and sleeping soundly in the White House. However I, myself, have been up all night and have finally solved the U.S Debt Crisis on the back of a whisky label.

It turns out to be quite simple. Leave Islam and the Middle East alone. Withdraw everybody – soldiers, diplomats, medical and teaching personnel, builders, security guys, experts and anybody else that your predecessor in the White House, the orangutan, (remember him?) sent there in the first place.

Then, don’t send any more cash, guns, drones or medical aid and put some of that 4 – 6 Trillion Dollars you will save towards finding a new way to fuel your cars. Then you won’t need the Arabs anymore anyway. The rest of it you can use to get yourselves out of the crap and reduce your borrowing by one third, at a single stroke.

Now, of course, I have thought about the consequences of such an action. What serious presidential advisor wouldn’t? The result is that the medieval Islamic tribes will all immediately set about killing each other because they believe their version of Islam is the right one and that all the others must die, as horribly as possible. That’s a shame, but isn’t that what you want anyway? And think of all those young American, and other western, lives you will save because they are NOT THERE.

Oh, but leave CNN out there so that all of your other religious types of people can watch the inevitable bloodbath on their HD plasma flat-screens. From their armchairs with a cold beer and a hot dog. In fact, why don’t you base CNN there and you will be rid of them too in the end. And also don’t worry about what the Arabs think from a PR point of view. They will still be celebrating their victory over the infidels in the streets and burning flags and throwing sandals around and shooting the guns (we gave them) into the air long before they realize they are on their own now. By the time it dawns on them we will all be rich again and they will all be hiding from each other in caves .

You can then start reducing the tax you charge your citizens so they can spend more money on donuts and imported beer to stimulate your tattered economy. The Middle East will begin depopulating itself, without your help, which will please the Bilderberg Group and all the conspiracy theorists can shut the fuck up. That way everyone is happy and you will be re-elected again as Life President.

Oh, no you can’t. That’s not going to happen is it. But for Cameron and Merkel? Well it’s a win-win for those two. Think of your friends. The Israelis too… They can expand into the newly barren lands, become a holiday resort and offer helicopter tours of former war zones. There can be treks to photograph real life cave-men and they could even re-introduce hunting. Now that it is banned in most of Africa, western hunters can find new, defenseless, animals to bag, take home and make rugs out of. Or trophy heads for their lake cabins. I can see that being big business and the Israelis love that above everything else.

There is another major advantage. Withdrawing now will make sure that your legacy, and David Cameron’s legacy, will not be that Blair and Bush, who started all this in the first place, will be remembered as World Statesmen, or even fondly, which is exactly what you two are achieving at the moment. And nobody wants to see that do they?  You and Dave certainly don’t. Nor do I, I am on your side.

Why has nobody else thought of this? Am I a Genius? You can have that policy for free Mr President, sorry, Barry. It’s on me, in the name of world peace, well, peace in the West but then who cares about anybody else. I certainly don’t. And another thing, you should sack all your other advisors; they should have thought of this before me. They have had longer on it.

Yours hopefully

Albert Jack
Future Presidential Advisor

Extract from Last Man in London –