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Walt Disney’s Big Freeze.

All of this reminds me of one of the most famous Urban Legends of all time. Walt Disney has had his body frozen and lies under the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibition in Disneyland, waiting for a cure for the lung cancer that killed him on December 15th 1966. This idea has been discussed worldwide for forty years with feature items and books supporting all manner of theories, one of which is that Disney was pre occupied with his own death and arranged to have himself frozen in a cryogenic chamber filled with liquid nitrogen in order wait until medical research had caught up with his illness. It said he expected to be reanimated himself one day.

But research has proved Disney was cremated two days after his demise and his death certificate, signed by embalmer Dean Fluss, confirms his remains are interred at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. Urban Legend fans insist his hasty burial and private ceremony point towards the famous animator’s family covering up the real story of cryogenic preservation but, if that was their clandestine intention, Disney insiders could easily have dispelled such belief by holding a public burial with an empty casket, throwing theorists off the scent completely. There are few, if any, investigators these days that still believe Disney is held in a state of preservation and his family have also gone on record to dispel such a theory by stating many years later that Uncle Walt simply did not want a public funeral. They also added that when he died he was unaware his illness was terminal, suggesting no alternative plans would have been made anyway.

What is known, however, is that according to The American Cryogenics Society around one thousand members have made cryo-preservation arrangements and it is thought over 100 people worldwide are currently in cryogenic suspension. The great animator, it would appear, is not one of them.

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